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Become online tutor

Join our children's mentoring program and make a difference in their lives! Helps children with educational challenges, providing them with academic and emotional support. Develop leadership skills, empathy, and patience as you become their mentor and guide. The personal gratification of seeing your growth and success is unmatched. Register now and be part of the change in the future of these children. We await you with enthusiasm and gratitude! 

Our online mentoring program is specifically designed to help children who have been bullied. Recognizing the emotional and psychological challenges these children face, our program focuses on providing support, guidance, and resources to foster their well-being and empowerment.

The program is carried out through a secure online platform, which allows children to connect with volunteer mentors and in the comfort and privacy of their own environment. Mentors are volunteers committed to the well-being of children, and are provided with specialized training in handling bullying and emotional support.

Mentors work closely with children, offering them a safe space to express their concerns, fears, and frustrations. Through regular conversations and interactive activities, mentors help children develop coping skills, build their self-esteem, and improve their resilience.

The program also focuses on developing social and emotional skills, teaching children effective communication strategies, conflict resolution, and healthy boundary setting. Mentors provide them with practical tools for dealing with bullying, including emotional defense techniques, tips for seeking appropriate help, and methods for building positive friendships.

In addition, the online mentoring program offers educational resources that promote bullying awareness, including videos, lectures, and interactive activities. These resources help kids better understand the different types of bullying, identify the roles involved, and learn how to deal with bullying.

The program adapts to the individual needs of each child, providing personalized and continuous support throughout their participation. Clear and realistic goals are established, and the progress of the children in their process of improvement and emotional growth is monitored.

How it works?

Tutoring is getting help from other students, just like you. Tutoring between an older student volunteer tutoring a younger student in a subject they took years ago, a more able student tutoring another student who may be struggling, or students in the same class meeting to review the material, with a student. major.

Tutoring can also be individual or in small groups! Both formats complement a traditional school classroom and can offer a safe and supportive environment to get the help you need.